We’re really doing this…

I’ve never been a risk taker in my professional life. I’ve never been attached to money, never wanted the spotlight, and definitely never needed to have close interpersonal relationships. Well, COVID19 hit and scared me into taking calculated risks, appreciating people, and enjoying the little things in my life.

Personally, it is a totally different scenario. I lived my best life for many years: studied hard, played hard, traveled the world, met beautiful people, and adopted a child. I found my authentic self. I fell in love, fell out of love- found contentment with my current situation.

Then I took a risk in my professional life. I got a new job. This was a really big deal for me; I’m a bit of a people-watcher, don’t usually care to have or make friends, and definitely loved that 7:15-4:15 job. All was good, even though my co-workers thought I was allergic to light. (I have a sensory thing with fluorescent lights) I just knew that I was different from everybody else and that was fine because I was out of there as soon as my time was up.

Then, slowly but surely, I began to let my quirks out. That brain “itch” that happens when I hold my tongue or pretend to be someone I’m not, got too strong. I let my authentic “Shellen” come through. Nobody ran away from me like they have in my past. A year and a half later- I have adult friends! I am still pretty shocked.

My friends accept me as I am and understand that I think differently. They trust me that I know what I am doing even though I can’t communicate my process. The most exciting part is that they encourage me to be my best self. One in particular and I hope she will introduce herself to you in a blog soon. <fingers crossed>

And here we are, finally to the point of this long story, my friend (she who shall not be named yet) and I are starting a business. WE ARE REALLY DOING THIS! She is one of the smartest people I know- intuitive, discerning, uncomplicated…and she chose me to start a company with! That is one hell of a pick-me-up!

Anyhoooooo, details coming soon to the really cool things that we have been thinking and dreaming of to help our fellow educators out. We are going to show you guys some love and some products that will make everything a bit easier from our classroom to yours.

And KP, write a blog already- people need to know your name 🙂

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