Lift Off!

No biggie- just a regular Sunday…a few hours to work a little, dream a lot, and then get ready for the real world tomorrow. Today was different though. I am the dreamer of the two- the impulsive, seat of my pants, LET’S DO THIS partner who needs somebody to remind me to pump the brakes every now and then. Kerri is organized, strategic, focused, and now READY to publish! This is a big deal. So today, May 2nd, we have a live Facebook page! We have signed up to have an exhibitor booth at a show this summer. We have submitted a proposal to present at a conference. Suddenly- I am a little freaked out! This is awesome; are we ready to retire? How do we fit this in? The logistics are a work in progress but we’ve got one HECK of a product! US!

Email us if you want to check us out! We can help with all of your special education needs! 🙂

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