Data-driven PLAAFPs and Goals

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Our System

PLAAFPs are well-defined by federal and state requirements to include the student’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance. What exactly does that mean? How is that different from the rest of the IEP document and report cards? Why is the piece so important when it is just a small piece of the plan? FES can answer these questions and provide a PLAAFP Builder that meets all the requirements freeing up time to write the PLAAFP and allow time for inputting the most data without bogging down your teachers! 

Once this piece is understood, then we can work on how to write goals that are appropriate and attainable for the student despite their unique needs.

Our End Result

This can include:

  • How to find and use data efficiently
  • Training on the virtual PLAAFP builder
  • Clarification on the role of the PLAAFP

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