This year has been so hard for kids and teachers alike but many never wavered or gave up. There really is something about how resilient and determined these groups are. Yes, the kids may have some gaps and the teachers are dog-tired, but we all survived and are better people for it. The big take away from today (May 19th- the day the STAAR pass/fail scores for us were released) is that while the scores are important for now, the resiliency and determination is really the STAR SCORE. This is super cheesy but O.M.G. how can you really not see the personal growth of these phenomenal peeps and compare that to a content test that represents one moment in time?!?

I am so grateful for all of my co-workers and these kids (go middle schoolers!). Short post- but quick to the hook- YOU ARE THE REAL STARS! In this crazy year, you guys have made some pretty tremendous impacts on us!

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